MIG welding - TIG welding - Spot welding - Stud welding


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MIG welding

This welding process involves continuous mechanical feeding of a wire. A plasma arc is produced between the wire and the workpiece.

This technique is used for reasonably thick to thick steel and stainless steel.

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TIG welding

For this welding process, welding filler material is manually added to the weld pool.

This technique is used for thin steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Spot welding

A spot weld joins two pieces of metal together. To achieve this, the spot welding machine produces a current surge via two copper electrodes.

Spot welding is the quickest and cheapest way to weld together metal sheets up to a thickness of 6 mm.

Stud welding

A stud welding machine mounts nut and bolts varying in size from M3 to M12 on sheet metal.