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If you wish to cut a simple geometric figure from sheet metal, CNC-controlled punching is one of the quickest and cheapest techniques to use. This is definitely true for large series, because punching uses less energy and does not require any expensive gases.

The cost of the slightly longer set-up time quickly pays for itself thanks to the phenomenal punching speed. In short, punching is the best choice for large series of sheet steel up to a thickness of 4 mm, stainless steel up to a thickness of 3 mm and aluminium up to a thickness of 8 mm.


Pressing is a technique that cuts or shapes sheet metal in one stroke with the aid of a die. The press uses a large force to push the die through the sheet metal. Pressing can be used for small components and thin sheet metal (up to a thickness of 3 mm).

Pressing is the cheapest cutting method. The technique is popular for large series, because the longer set-up time is compensated for by the cost price of the pressing die.

A disadvantage of this technique, though, is that it is not possible to adjust the pressing program. If you require flexibility, it is better to choose laser cutting or punching.