Powder coating Wet coating Steel blasting


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Powder coating

Powder coating is covering a steel or aluminium surface with a layer of powder. The biggest difference between painting and a powder coating is that the powder coating in applied as a dry powder, without the need for a solvent. After the powder has been applied, it is melted in a hot oven to create a homogeneous skin.

The advantage of powder coating is that the result is harder than traditional paint: tougher, more scratch resistant and wear resistant. This makes powder coating a cost-efficient and high-quality finish for metal product series.

Wet coating

Wet coating is the ideal choice for a cost-efficient finish for large metal constructions.

We use a two-component wet paint in a dust-free, positive-pressure spray cabin. Our wet coating installation is large enough to hold metal and wood components up to 12 metres in length.

Shot blasting

If you wish to paint a piece of metal, shot blasting is the perfect pretreatment. We blast the entire surface to make it evenly clean so that your favourite type of coating bonds better.

For shot blasting, we use steel grit to remove the top film of metal or the carbon edge that is produced during laser processing.