Sawing - Milling - Turning - Tapping


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Our CNC-controlled cutting machines cut metal pipes and profiles (corner profiles, L-profiles, etc.) extremely fast and accurately.

We can cut a number of pipes or profiles at the same time, which saves both time and money. The automatic feed and removal system also results in a considerable cost saving.


Milling is a machining technique that removes particles of the material in chips or shavings. Our CNC-controlled milling machine has two shuttle tables and is suitable for extremely accurate drilling work or threading in workpieces.

We mill straight workpieces, cast workpieces, sheet metal and pipes. There is a variety of milling methods: rough milling, slot milling, saw milling, milling using hard metal inserts, etc.

The cooling method used for milling depends on the processed material. Metal is cooled using an organic or synthetic coolant.


For this machining technique, a chisel makes a horizontal or vertical cutting movement while the workpiece rotates. Our CNC-controlled lathe with chuck is able to turn sheet metal, cast pieces and pipes with an accuracy of up to 0.01 mm.

Turning is the quickest technique for producing round workpieces, such as shafts, pipes and cast pieces, with extreme accuracy.


Tapping is cutting a thread in a drilled hole. We tap metric thread varying in size from M3 to M16.

For tapping, we use the punch head of our CNC-controlled punching machine either on our CNC-controlled milling machine or on a specialized tapping machine.