Sanding - Polishing - Bead blasting of stainless steel


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A burr is a sharp, raised edge that occurs during cold metal processing such as stamping, punching, sawing, etc. Processes such as casting, forging and die casting create different types of burrs.

We file your parts in an automatic Rossler ceramic-grain drum machine. They remove the burrs (deburring). Manual filing or sanding is then unnecessary. In addition, we can treat different parts simultaneously.


With our sanding and polishing machine we combine the flat sanding of burrs with the polishing of small irregularities. The result is an even, burr-free finish.
Our machine is suitable for steel and stainless steel plates up to 10 mm.

Pearl blasting of stainless steel

Do you want to optically touch up surface defects such as damage, welding defects and shallow scratches? Then pearl blasting is a good idea. The result is a matte finish with a rougher finish.

Bead blasting makes stainless steel welds and complete stainless steel parts beautifully shiny. Our automatic bead blasting machine uses glass granules or glass beads.