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Our press brake shapes sheet metal which is up to 4 metres long, 2 metres wide and 25 mm thick via its fixed bottom die – also called a V-block.

This bending method is economical, because it does not require a custom-made die. Bending is, therefore, the best choice for small and medium-sized series.

Furthermore, the press brake is easily adjustable thanks to the numeric controls.

Pipe bending

Our automatic, computer-controlled pipe bending machine allows us to quickly bend pipes to the desired shape. The pipes can then be used in the construction of components and products.

A template guarantees the pipes are perfectly shaped and do not have any kinks. The use of the template makes this technique ideal for repeat jobs.

We use this technique for both small and medium-sized series.

Profile bending

We use a CNC-controlled profile bending machine to perfectly shape metal pipes and profiles without causing any deformation using rollers and templates. A laser sensor in the machine continuously monitors the process.

Profile bending is a suitable technique for thin pipes, profiles and complex shapes. Thanks to continuous monitoring, we are able to accurately shape even the most difficult of workpieces.