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We can go that little bit further if you require more than merely a semimanufactured product or a machine component.

We can take care of the entire assembly of your metal, mechanical and electronic components, so that you receive a ready-to-use final product.

This allows you to remain flexible during busy periods without the need to make large investments.


We can insert threaded elements quickly and easily into sheet metal plates and/or printed circuit boards. We do that using captive press inserts in stainless steel, steel or aluminium.

We mostly use press nuts and bolts ranging in size from M3 to M12. We insert the threaded elements in a single smooth movement of the press into laser-cut and punched holes. We also use this inserting technique to fit distance sleeves and panel attachments.

The advantages are that laser-cut or punched holes do not require any further treatment, the insert is flush with the rear of the workpiece, the set-up costs are low, the extraction force is high and the threaded element connection is extremely firm.


The Tubtara® blind rivet nut is a sheet metal nut made of stainless steel, steel or aluminium that can be fitted from one side of the workpiece.

This nut offers numerous advantages:


A blind rivet (aluminium, steel or stainless steel) meets a lot of requirements: it has a large clamping range, it is quick to fit and it is reliable.

Additional advantages are: